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Art, evolved.

ArtTrace® might just be the largest art innovation since the paintbrush. Our canvases are embedded with Digideed technology, giving artists the power to pack digital content directly into physical art using the artTrace mobile app. The possibilities for what type of content can be invisibly embedded are only limited by the imagination; Progressional images capturing the art at different stages, influences, thoughts that had an impact on the arts outcome, audio recordings, videos, etc. Collectors and buyers unlock the digital content by holding their phones within range of the artwork. More here.


Passed from one set of hands to another, some artwork calls many different places "home". ArtTrace eliminates the disconnect between the Artist and the collector who's hands the art ends up in.



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Invisible to the eye.

Hidden behind the canvas lives DigiDeed; a razor thin, layer of tech which allows collectors to confirm authenticity and view a ledger of ownership, all with their smartphone.

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There are my widget for counting ArtTrace crearions in circulation.